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Small Barfly – About Us

Small Barfly was born in November 2011, out of a love for small, intimate, drinking venues, and a previous life in the hospitality industry.

We aim to share the latest news, reviews, and interviews of Australia’s small bars, and their owners – as much as our wallets, and livers, permit!

If you’re wondering what a small bar is – for the sake of argument, we’re going to say that it’s an intimate, owner/operated venue, with a capacity of less than 120 patrons.

Recent changes in liquor licencing laws across Australia has seen an explosion in the number of small bars popping up in most capital cities (Melbourne being the exception – having been well ahead of the game with their ‘laneway’ small bars being around since the 90’s).

The keepers of these fine, and often hidden, establishments dedicate a huge amount of blood, sweat, tears (and hard earned cash) into their beloved investments, all with the end goal of providing punters like us, an intimate, and unique drinking experience (oh and hopefully turn a buck at the same time).

For the most part, we visit the small bars randomly, and anonymously (unless the venue busts us Tweeting or updating Facebook or Instagram). We also prefer to pay our own way, so rest assured that none of the articles on this site are pay-for-review/interview – we’re 100% straight-down-the-line, honest and open. If you’d like us to visit your establishment for a review (or interview), or to tell us how great we are, and what a great job we’re doing we’re  always keen to make new friends 🙂

As well traveled as Small Barfly is, it’s quite possible we’ve (unintentionally) overlooked some great small bars. So if you know of any new comers, please share them with us, and we’ll more than happily spread the word to our followers.

If you spot a glaring mistake (which is most likely due to us posting an update after enjoying a ‘site visit’), please don’t be shy in coming forward.

Please feel free to buzz us via:

Email: smallbarfly@yahoo.com
Twitter: @SmallBarfly
Facebook: SmallBarfly
Instagram: SmallBarfly